Successful Property Investment

Is about “making money out of property”. Unlike buying a home, an investment property purchase should be the result of careful consideration of how a property meets your investment objectives and how the property will perform as an investment.

This may seem obvious, but a good investment property needs to perform as an ‘Investment’ , meet your objectives and attract long term quality tenants, low maintenance, low vacancy period, high depreciation.

Investing in property is a big decision that can keep even the most seasoned property investor awake at night. How do you know if you’ve got your investment strategy right? How can you make sure you’re choosing the right property? Where can you find the time to do the necessary research? What is the right price to pay?


At Centurion we didn’t just learn it from A book, our experience is real ‘hands on’ and we understand the challenges facing our investors in today’s market. We have vast experience in growing portfolios through investing, renovating and subdivisions in particular within our local area.

We want to help YOU make the right decision….

Meet Justine, a previous winner of the REIWA Achievement award for Excellence and a well known Client Relations Manager in the Hills area.

She has a passion for helping people, and a knowledge and experience that comes from completing her own two Subdivisions ( first in High Wycombe and her second in Kelmscott) her Investment and experience  flows on to her clients. Whether its advice on renovation, purchasing an investment, subdivision or trouble shooting tenant problems or just a general question, you will always get a warm enthusiastic and knowledgeable response.

Her drive is to help Centurion Clients achieve great results of their own

So how can we help?…

Our FREE Property Investment Analysis include:

  • Client Relations Manager (Justine) will provide a free rental market appraisal on any ‘potential’ investment properties you may be looking at.
  • Offer suggestions tips, tricks to insert into the Offer & Acceptance to help minimise vacancy period.
  • Compliance check, on the property. i.e does the property meet ‘minimum security requirements’
  • Will attend the final inspection as a second pair of eyes and work on your behalf the buyer.

If you want to know a little more about Justine and the Property Management team own investment story  Watch the video Below:

Investing in the High Wycombe , Forrestfield, Maida Vale, Foothills Area

The Shire of Kalamunda draft housing strategy identifies High Wycombe and surrounding areas as being primed for an increase in density. This increase allows for greater development potential and aims at gentrifying the suburb. The extension of the train line from Bayswater train station, to include a stop at or near High Wycombe in the next decade, will increase the suburb’s accessibility to the airport and Perth foothills making it more attractive for investors. The majority of land to the east of the suburb is zoned as permanent bushland, meaning it won’t ever be developed. This will limit potential supply.


High Wycombe ,forrestfield miada vale kalamunda foothills

8 Epping Court, High Wycombe – Leased by Centurion $510pw

Call and see how we can help you save time and money, when you purchase your next investment property.

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