Preparing Your House for Winter

With the wet season finally upon is now is the perfect time to prepare for storms which have hit the Perth metropolitan area in recent years.  The extensive damage to roofs, fences from falling trees and branches, water damage to ceilings with gutters not being able to cope with the heavy rain.

Below are some simple tips to keep your property well maintained and costs down for expensive repairs.

Clean gutters

Remove fallen leaves and debris from your gutters either by hand, with a scraper and then a good hose to rinse the drain out

When you are hosing the gutters check for leaks also make sure your downpipes are guiding the water away from the house foundations where possible flooding or other water damage could occur (water should be approx 3 metres from the house)

Leaky roofs

Check your roof by going through the manhole into the roof space for leaks around vent and skylights.  If there are any water stains on your ceilings check for broken tiles and have repaired by a qualified person.

Pruning Trees:

Prune any trees or branches close to the house and garden fences so they won’t do any damage.  Trees growing close to power lines are a safety risk and can cause fires, blackouts or power surges – prune when trees and shrubs grow to within one metre of power lines.

Secure your gardens and yards

Make sure any loose objects in your yard, such as garden furniture are secured so they won’t be blown around.

Prepare your pool for the cool weather:

Winter can cause all kinds of problems with swimming pools, so it is important to winterise your pool to keep it free from debris and algae.  Give the walls and floors of the pool a good scrub, vacuum the entire pool and empty the pump’s lint basket, then secure a pool cover to keep the pool free from debris.  A pool maintenance company can help take the stress out of winterising your pool so check the local stores or newspapers for tradesmen offering this service.

Hope this helps!

Donna Gibbs


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Preparing Your House for Winter