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Good morning! Justine Valender from Centurion Real Estate in High Wycombe.

I thought I would share with you just a few tips today on what are next steps in getting your house ready for rental?

I get asked a lot of the time, I’m going to properties on which they would never really plan to be an investment property. It’s somebody’s property. It’s someone’s house. They’ve got all their family memorabilia in the place. There’s furniture and there’s a lot to do and they’ll just look at me and go, “Justine, what are the next steps in getting the place ready for advertising? What do I need to do?”

I just thought I’d share that with you because that part can be quite overwhelming for a lot of people. What I like to do is actually break it down into three parts. Super, super easy three steps to follow.

First step is getting the house ready for photos for the photographer to come around. At this step, if you could imagine, when the photographer takes photos, don’t be focusing on the things like cleaning the windows, cleaning the tracks, cleaning the vents, cleaning the fire place.

The photographer isn’t going to pick up on that. When I say I’m going to book the photographer your main focus is just getting the house decluttered. Just imagine straightening things up, any pans or pots taken off the kitchen bench top, just declutter the house as much as possible so just focus on the big things.

Gardens are a really big ones. We just make sure that the grass is mowed, edged. Your garden beds have been weeded. As you come through the property just that your bedrooms, the beds have been made. Any bits and pieces on the bathroom come to top.

I’m usually just trying to take them away as well. Just declutter as much as possible for the photographer. With the photographer, I’ve got a great guy I use.

To do a full bedroom, two bathrooms, it takes about 20 minutes. You can still be there. Don’t feel like that you need to leave the house so that all of a sudden like you say it needs to be empty or vacant. Not at all. Just declutter. We’ll come in. We’ll take some photos.

Then, what generally happens is the photographer will take about 24  hours to edit those photos and then they come back to our office. What will happen then is I’ll write the adverts. I’ll get it up on the internet and then you’ve got step two.

Step two is having your house ready for ‘home opens’. Again, your furniture can still be there. You can still live there. Don’t feel like it needs to be this huge, mass exodus of all your furniture and you don’t know where to live and it cause a lot of stress. Not at all.

With the home open, if you keep your furniture in place, just when we are coming through. Again, we like to have it at a standard that we do expect our tenants to also maintain that standard.

Just at this point we do like windows to be cleaned. You don’t have to go into too much detail but  just decluttered, garden’s mowed, if you got a swimming pool to take the leaves out of the pool, pool cover back.

Just really make sure again that it’s just presented well. When tenants are coming through they want that emotional connection. We want to help them get an emotional connection with the property. So if everything’s just presented well, decluttered, it just helps them see the benefits of the property.

Then you’ve got step three. After this point, once the tenants have come through the property, they put in that application and let’s say, they said already, “I want the property in two weeks time.”

I’ll vet them, check them, and I’ll present it to you, the landlord, and say, “Hey, look, we’ve got this great application and I’ll go through all the check with you.”

Once you agree, we’ve got that end date, that date to work to. So they want the property by the 14th of November or whatever it is. At this point you’ve got to obviously start moving out some of your furniture or if you’ve got a time to work through to as well, then some of the furnitures may be already out. That’s absolutely fine.

But essentially what we need is about three to four days prior to those tenants moving in the house needs to be empty. This is where you do the big clean. This is where we come in and do a property condition report.

For those of you who’ve asked for our services when we actually a PCR, we now also do a video walk through as well as producing two to 300 photos in our report as well.

This video and these photos are going to set the benchmark. However you hand the property to us is how we will document it and how we can expect it to be returned back from the tenant.

This is where I say to our landlords, it can get a little bit stressful. I need everything to be done. I need tracks, windows, aircon vents pulled off, washed, duct vents pulled off from the ceiling and cleaned.

Ovens, microwaves, carpets need to be professionally cleaned. If you’ve got tiles with tile grout. I also recommend to get those professionally cleaned as well so that we can have a receipt to show that that’s been done.

Garden, mow, edge, weed, absolutely everything. So what I’ll do is I’ll provide a little bit of a checklist for you so you can actually help to follow that. but I just wanted to share those three steps with you because I go sometimes to me the landlord and they just think well, “My house is getting on to market, I need to be out of here.” Not at all. We can work with you.

You can stay living at the property. We can keep you posted. When we do home opens, we’ll call you. We’d let you know the 15-20 minutes slot that we need to do the home open and we can definitely work around you.

We know that it’s a stressful time so hopefully just breaking it into those three chunks will give you a little bit of an overview on how to best go through these next steps.

I really hoped you enjoyed it. I hope those three tips help. Thank you.

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