If I Consider Pets will I Get More Rent, Kalamunda, High Wycombe, Forrestfield


Hi, everyone. Justine Valender from Centurion Real Estate in High Wycombe.

I just left an appraisal and I got asked the question. If I consider pets, would I get more rent for the property?

I thought I would have to share this with you because I do get it asked quite a bit. In this market we’re in Perth 2016, it is a bit of a slow market. What I’m recommending to our landlords, if you are considering putting your property for rent (and it is a pet friendly home i.e big backyard, it’s secure, you just think a tenant with a pet may find that property suitable. What I suggest doing,  is putting on the advert  “outdoor pets considered” or even if you are a little bit worried, maybe “small pets considered”.

It’s not necessarily going to get you more rent but what it is going to do is cast your net out a little bit wider. It’s going to make your property attractive to more people.

In this slow market, it just means that you’re going to probably secure a quality tenant just a little bit quicker. You’re not necessarily going to get more rent for it but you will get more applicants to choose from.

We always say here at Centurion, I want to be able to provide my landlords with multiple applications. I want to be able to choose the “cream of the crop”. If that tenant comes with a small pet or a cat or whatever and everything else checks out really, really well, I just don’t think we should be overlooking them as a tenant. I really want to put them in the mix.

I always explain to our landlords as well just because someone puts in application in and let’s say for some reason they’ve got six Rottweilers and you think, “Look I don’t think that’s going to be quite suited for my property.

It is up to us, as your agent to say and go back to that tenant and say, “Look, I’m sorry but the landlord just hasn’t gone with your application this time.” Just because someone does put an application in also doesn’t mean that you have to choose them.

Again it’s just about casting your net that a little bit wider and just getting a quality tenant in your property as quick as we can.

I hope that little bit of information helped. I hope you get some great tenants into your property soon. Thank you.

Justine Valender

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If I Consider Pets will I Get More Rent, Kalamunda, High Wycombe, Forrestfield