What Does a Typical Day Look Like? Property Manager in Kalamunda


Hi, everyone. Justine Valander from Centurion Real Estate in High Wycombe.

I get asked all the time “What does my typical day look like in real estate?”.

For those of you that know I focus mainly in property management, leasing and client relations manager or also known as BDM, Business Development Manager. My main focus is dealing with landlords that want to engage with us and know a little bit more information on our property management services.

One thing I can say is it’s there are definitely ‘no two typical days’. I guess that’s the thing with real estate or especially in the area that I focus in, is that no two typical days look the same.

It usually starts off with a morning walk with my two boxer dogs at Jorgensen Park at Kalamunda.

I love my morning walks. It always gets me really set for the day. I get home, I get ready, and then go straight into the office.

So when I’m in the office I love to try and have my admin based work done in the morning, earlier part of the morning so that would be things like;  following up with my  landlords, writing adverts or just anything admin based or office based.

I then leave my afternoons free, mainly for landlords. If I do get an inquiry or a landlord that wants me to pop out and have a look their property I understand that they are working through the day so I always leave my afternoons free. Anywhere from 4pm  to pretty much 7pm at night, I’ll have that chunk free. Prioritised for my landlords so if I do get a call I pretty much will try and get out in that evening to meet with them if they want.

When I say no two typical days look the same, it really depends on the landlords that calls me and on what their inquiries and what their backgrounds being. I’ve had some landlords that are just devastated.

They want to sell. They’ve had enough. Their past agents just totally let them down. They’re frustrated. They’re upset. They just don’t know what way to turn.

Usually when I go out with them just even being an investor myself, I sometimes even just talk a little bit about strategy and what is their long term goal and just assess if even this is the right investment property for them. Sometimes it may just be that they love the property. It is a fantastic investment property, it’s just that they’ve had an unfortunate bad property management experience.

With those landlords it takes probably a little bit more time just to go through our services, our guarantees, backing up why they are going to get a different experience if they do join Centurion.

I’ve also had landlords that have gone privately. They’ve had a bad experience or they actually don’t know how to get the tenant out of the property. In that sense I’m talking more about how am I assisting them with advice, legalities and just getting that particular tenant out, how to resolve that issue. And obviously down the track, if they did want to engage with us, hey that’s fantastic. But that’s not what we’re about.

I always tell landlords if you are stuck, if you are with a tenant in place and you don’t know what way to turn, I know sometimes the system can be quite difficult knowing the legislations and things like that. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you’re watching this and that is you. I would love to help and just share some free advice and to help anyway I can.

Then I’ve got landlords that have never done this before. They’re brand new to the market. They are looking at purchasing an investment property or maybe they’ve already got one and it’s way to settlement.

I’m just trying to paint that complete picture for them. How do you advertise a property, how do you complete a property condition, report, what is the importance of a property condition report, routine inspections, accessing your annual account summary, if you have to breach your tenant, absolutely, everything I go through with them.

It really depends. Sometimes, I’m just going to do a quick appraisal on a property, it will take me 15 minutes just to walk through and provide them with how much with I think it’s going to get to someone that really needs that information session with me, that really wants to know what’s involved with property management.

It can definitely change depending on their needs. Saturdays I keep free. I do do my home open on a morning depending on the property and what inquiries we’re getting if tenants are wanting to look through on a Saturday I will absolutely show it.

The same does apply for our landlords. Again, I know they’re working through the week. They’ve got a really hectic schedule. I’m more than happy to organize a time to meet with them on a Saturday as well.

I generally try and do that in the morning just so I do have that afternoon free as well and I always keep my Sundays free so I play soccer. For some of you that know down Maida Vale reserve at Kalamandu United Soccer.

So I love to try and keep our work and life balanced. I place a huge importance on fitness and just spending time with my husband and my dogs as well.

I hope you enjoyed that bit of a sneak peek into what my typical day looks like in real estate. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks.

Justine Valender


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What Does a Typical Day Look Like? Property Manager in Kalamunda