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The Best Property Managers in High Wycombe, Kalamunda & Forrestfield!

Posted by Justine Valender on 28/07/2023

Get to know our Property Managers!

“Hi everyone, Justine Valender from Centurion Real Estate and Annette Buratovic from Centurion Real Estate. I’m here with Annette who’s one of our Property Managers at Centurion and we thought it’s really good to “Get to know your best Property Managers”. I’m actually on the road with Annette and I thought I’d ask some questions why she decided to get into the property management.”

“Justine: Annette, how long have you been a property manager? and what got you into that role?

Annette: I’ve been 7 years as a property manager in different areas and prior to that, I was in sales for about 18 months.

Justine: What aspect of the property management pulled you into that direction?

Annette: I like properties, I like working with people. I like the aspect of the tenant and the owner, finding that mutual agreement and working as a mediator sometimes. I just enjoy that kind of work.

Property Managers in High Wycombe

Justine: Myself and Annette, we always talk about how we are ‘ investor ourselves’ and Denise Thompson. We all three have investment properties in the High Wycombe area. We thought we would get you to come and join us on the road and we’d go to explore High Wycombe and tell you some of the points where and spots that we’ve got our own investment property and why we decided to choose that as our host spot.

Annette: Were in Jacaranda Springs High Wycombe. The reason why I chose to invest in Jacaranda Springs is for a couple of reasons. The properties around here are new so it’s lower maintenance. The other reason is depreciation. Over the period of time its better for depreciation, I can claim that full amount. Also, the amenities around here are walking distance to the shops and also the public transport. There’s also a great little restaurant just down the road that everyone can walk too. They had a few drinks and the food is really great.

Justine: Would you mind sharing with everyone the background on your two investment properties, what sort of rent are you getting on them, and what sort of tenants do they attract.

Annette: So both of my properties have families, so the rent that I’m getting currently is $490pw and $500pw.

Justine: Fantastic! Do you find you’re getting quite long-term tenants?

Annette: Yes, with one of my tenants, she’s been there for about 5 years and the other tenant, i only just purchased the property last June and she signed it 12-month contract. At this stage, I believe that she will stay for another year.

Justine:  Thank you for sharing that with us”

Property Managers in High Wycombe

Justine: Hi guys, so you can see, we’re here on Cyril Road in High Wycombe. Now, my investment strategy was that I decided to do a subdivision. So we’ve come to probably a little bit more of an older part of High Wycombe but you’re getting a bigger block sizes. My block size was around 850 square meter block, the zoning changed that I could take an opportunity of subdivisions that happening in the area. So what I decided to do was, renovate and retain the front house and I actually subdivided and built a larger property on the back and I built a large 4 x 2x 2 property.

Annette: Justine, what kind of tenants were you attracting?

Justine: So, really good question. The thing I guess I love about High Wycombe is it’s got such a good diverse rent range in terms of offering the affordability of housing and such a diverse of tenant selection as well. For example, the front property was a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom and I was getting $350 per week. When I built on the back, that was obviously a larger modern 4×2, I was getting $460 and that was to a young family. One thing I just want to mention is that both of my tenants during that process were long-term tenants which is always great as well so if you’re thinking about subdividing or knowing how to invest a property your tapping into that avenue, give us a call, we’d love to talk more about it. Thank you!

Annette: Thank you for sharing that information with us.

Justine: Hi guys, we are here on a very busy noisy road and that you want to let everyone know where we’re at and what’s behind us?

Annette: We’re at the first field airport link and it’s due to be completed in 2020, so we’re only a couple of years away, this is gonna make a huge difference to High Wycombe even though it’s called the forest field link. It is located just outside the back of our High Wycombe.

Justine: It’s great! We think that just having the extra infrastructure, it is gonna make obviously living here to tenants maybe a little bit more appealing, it’s gonna added value to easy access to transport links. Just with this already starting to work, we are noticing more and more investors are actually coming in into the market and looking to purchase in the area.

The reason I love High Wycombe as well as the location. You’ve got the beautiful wineries just on your doorstep. You’ve got Kalamunda, where I walk the dog in the dog park. I do my shopping in Midland which is obviously seen the new hospital, so I’m just finding the location so central and then obviously what would you say, it’s a 20 kilometer in the city?

Annette: It is! We’ve got some amazing winery down there with restaurants as well, especially in the springtime so they are an amazing place to go.

Justine: So guys, I hope this little video gives some insight into the features that High Wycombe has got to offer. If you are thinking about possibly investing in the area and you’ve wanted to come and have a chat with us and know a little bit more, we would love to come and chat with you.

Thanks, guys!”

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