Simon Mills

Principal/ Property Consultant

A little about me

Simon Mills proudly holds the position of Selling Principal at Centurion Real Estate, a company that he has built from strength to strength over the past 10 years.  He has developed a successful recipe for his clients, delivering cutting edge technology, superior marketing packages, a competitive fee structure and strong contract negotiation skills. Simon is a master of his profession and has a remarkable track record of sales results.

Simon is very driven and passionate about Real Estate , he has a wealth of understanding and knowledge which he continually shares with his clients. When you deal with Simon you will find him direct, honest, approachable and able to expertly manoeuvre through the twists and turns of real estate, without ever missing a beat. Thanks to his calm demeanour, relaxed confidence and engaging spirit.  Simons clients find the whole experience of buying and selling  not only rewarding, but also fun from start to finish.

This trusted advisor, brings industry knowledge and composure to the forefront to benefit all of his clients. He is an astute businessman and a smart negotiator and a delight to work with. These traits are reflected not only in the way he conducts business, but also in the loyalty of his team.

So if you are looking for a professional leader and a team committed to absolute excellence call Centurion Real Estate today.

The result is a leader and a team committed to absolute excellence.