We are so glad you have finally arrived at the place you were always meant to be!

Selling a home has been ranked as one of the three most traumatic experiences a person may face throughout their life. I’m sure being a landlord and renting your home, can sometimes feel the same. We want to make sure that when you make the decision to place your home in our  hands that you are totally confident that we will do the right thing by you.

Working for you, delivering for you and succeeding with you.

At Centurion Real Estate we understand that such a BIG decision requires an agent that is empathetic to your needs and not just about getting a quick sale or a quick tenant. We will be your professional guide throughout the whole real estate process and you are free to speak to any of our knowledgeable sales and property management team about any of your specific needs or requirements.


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Our ongoing mission is to provide the highest level of service to our clients to help them when buying, selling or renting out their home. We aim to assist you in making the best real estate decision possible based on your needs. What sets us apart …..Puts you ahead.

In brief, we are NOT your “average” real estate company. You’ll feel the difference the moment you walk into our office, speak with us on the phone, or meet us in person. Our experienced team of sales reps, property managers, are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely hard-working. We combine the best in good old-fashioned customer service with the newest and latest in technology.