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Centurion Real Estate’s boutique office in Perth, can seamlessly guide you through switching property managers in WA process. Many landlords come to realise that their current property manager isn’t delivering the tailored service both they and their tenants deserve, despite paying for it. Whatever challenges you’re encountering, discover your options and how to transition rental property managers in Perth, to Centurion Real Estate effortlessly.

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Guaranteed Tenant Excellence

Our meticulously rigorous application screening process assures you a top-tier tenant. In the event of eviction, we commit to re-leasing your property at no cost.

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Premium Service Guarantee

We stand behind our promise to promptly rectify any rare service concerns. If not, enjoy three months of waived management fees. In the unlikely scenario of recurring issues, you have the option to terminate our agreement.

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Switching Property Managers

Once you have advised your property manager in writing you wish to switch over to Centurion Real Estate. We handle the entire process of switching property managers, ensuring a seamless experience for you. 

Our detailed approach involves:

  • Liaising with the current property manager.
  • Facilitating a smooth transition with your tenants.
  • Resolving any ongoing maintenance or disputes.
  • Managing all communications effectively.

To simplify the switch, we take charge of:

  • Coordinating the transfer of necessary documents.
  • Introducing ourselves to your tenants for a smooth handover.
  • We ensure all essential documents are safely transferred, including rental applications, tenancy agreements, inspection reports, compliance certificates, and records related to maintenance or disputes.

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If you’re still under contract and have concerns, it’s best to talk to us directly. Every situation is different, so give us a call to help us understand your issue and advise you on what to do next.

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Our Property Management team have been rewarded for their excellence in customer service, professional advice, tenant selection, consultancy, property marketing skills and tenant care. Thanks to all our great clients who gave their time to post a review!

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