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Biophilic Design – Adding nature into your home

Posted by Justine Valender on 17/08/2023
Biophilic Design - Adding nature into your home

Bring nature into your home with Biophilic Design

We gravitate towards nature every time we need to relax. Spending holidays camping with the family, picnics on the weekend even the company of a good book under the shade of a comfortable tree.

The year 2020 was quite harsh around the world. Most people around the globe spent quite a bit of time at home, dreaming about the outdoors. One of the interior design trends from last year covers exactly this longing. The Biophilic Design addressed this need for nature. Let me explain. Biophilic Design uses natural elements and resources to create a positive environment at home and work. The materials are wood, bamboo, light, vegetation.

The tendency is said to help reducing stress. The positive mood, as a consequence, generates higher creativity, productivity and an overall sense of well-being – as if you were out and about enjoying a sunny day.

In summary, the idea is to surround yourself with living, natural resources. To decorate your home using furniture that is ‘warm’ to the touch, such as wood. Pieces that are imperfect because those materials were used.

There are five fundamental principles for the trend:

  • Choosing furniture made of natural materials
  • Adding an element of texture and pattern that mimic the real world (like honeycomb shape)
  • Maximising the natural daylight in a space
  • Thinking about the senses – vision, smell, touch and sound
  • Adding some plants in the home

What do you think about these ideas? Have you got heaps of plants and natural materials at home? Please share your thoughts with us on our social media! – Facebook and Instagram.

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