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Managing Rental Properties: Unlocking Rental Success with Justine Valender at Centurion Real Estate

Posted by Justine Valender on 07/10/2023

Managing Rental Properties with Centurion

Greetings, Perth Landlords and Investors! Are you trying to navigating the vibrant Perth rental market?

Do you find yourself missing out on rental properties to expand your portfolio? Are you in search of a reliable property manager but facing slow responses, or encountering managers who lack the expertise to understand your investment needs? Are you looking for a partner who can provide accurate rental appraisals for properties you’re considering?

As a seasoned real estate professional, investor, and Director at Centurion Real Estate, I’ve curated insights from my journey to guide you in building a successful rental portfolio. 

Understand the Market Dynamics

Before investing in any property, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the local real estate market. Analyze trends such as population growth, employment rates, and future development plans in the area. This information will help you predict rental demand and potential property appreciation. Utilise resources like real estate market reports, local news, and economic forecasts to stay informed.

Choose the Right Properties

Not all properties are suitable for rental investments. Look for properties that will attract long-term tenants, such as those close to schools, public transportation, and amenities like shops and parks. Consider the condition of the property, potential for future repairs, and overall appeal to potential renters. Prioritize locations with low vacancy rates and high rental yields. 

We always welcome investors to contact Caitlin, our Client Relations Specialist , for free advise, even if the property is being sold by another agent. We can guide you on rental demand and share our insights as investors ourselves, highlighting the positives and negatives to look out for. Additionally, we offer a free and honest rent appraisal to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re evaluating potential returns or considering the strategic fit of a property within your portfolio, our experienced team is here to assist with valuable, practical advice

Screen Tenants Carefully

Good tenants are the cornerstone of a profitable rental portfolio. Develop a thorough screening process that includes credit checks, references, and background checks. This helps ensure that you select tenants who will pay rent on time, maintain the property, and adhere to lease terms. Establish clear communication from the start about your expectations regarding property care and lease compliance.

Leverage Professional Management

While self-managing properties can save money, leveraging professional property management can enhance the value of your investment. Property managers can handle day-to-day operations, tenant relations, and legal compliance, allowing you to focus on portfolio growth and strategic investment. Choose a management team with a proven track record in the type of properties you own.

By integrating these tips into your investment strategy, you can build a resilient and profitable rental portfolio. Remember, the key to long-term success in real estate investing is continual learning and adapting to market changes.

Justine Valender,
Licensee & Director, Centurion Real Estate


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