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Property Manager fights in support of domestic violence awareness!

Posted by Justine Valender on 02/11/2023

Kickbox is probably one of the most impressive combat sports. It needs stamina, strength and discipline. On the 14th of November, the martial art will become even more special. Justine Valender, our champion property manager at Centurion Real Estate, will fight in support of women. The event is focused on gathering funds for charities that tackle domestic violence – 20% of Justine’s ticket proceeds will be donated to ‘White Ribbon’. 

Our athlete is fighting for the first time and is prepared for the combat. A lot of effort – and sweat – was put into making a difference in our beautiful community of Kalamunda. Day and night, Justine is working with trainers Rongrot Ponoei, better known as “Q”, Brian Lewis, Jon Mccutcheon, and gym owner Murray McKechnie to prepare for the upcoming fight. “It is important to inform and raise awareness around the importance of supporting vulnerable women”, said our champion.

According to Justine, “women need to take a stand and help each other, as wshould not have to do it all alone”. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2016 Personal Safety Survey (PSS) estimates that one in six women suffer some sort of abuse. “We need to talk about it, create awareness, and fight to eradicate domestic violence”, said Justine.


The stage is already set. The event will take place at Ray Owen Sports Centre on the 14th of November at 18h (doors will open at 17h). 

Businesses can sponsor the event and sit at a ringside corporate table with Sponsorship packages available  providing networking opportunities for local business whilst making a difference in the community of Kalamunda. For more information contact our Property Manager/Champion Justine Valender on 0426282986. 

Check out our Facebook and Instagram and support our local legend in her path fighting Domestic Violence. 

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