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Rental Appraisals in Kalamunda

Posted by Justine Valender on 26/10/2023

Rental Appraisals: All you need to know

If you have a property in Kalamunda and want to know how much rent you should be getting.  Then we suggest requesting a “Rental Appraisal Report ” through our website to help you find out all you need to know.

Owning a rental property is more complex than ever and trying to ascertain what rent you should be asking in the current market can be fairly tricky. Rental Appraisals ensure that you are charging the correct rent to your tenants, help to secure and retain quality tenants, and help to shorten any possible downtimes between tenant change over.

A Rental Appraisal in Kalamunda is a detailed report, showing what has previously rented in the area, that may be comparable to yours.

At Centurion our market Expert Justine Valender (who is an investor herself) will carry out a rental appraisal. She will give a detailed explanation of rent values are determined by current market trends in Kalamunda, rent levels for other similar nearby properties, and relevant property data.

Why choose Centurion for your Rental Appraisal?

IT’S FREE. Our rental appraisal is provided free of charge to landlords and there is no obligation to use our management service. You can use this rent appraisal to maximize returns and also retain good tenants.

What Does a Rental Appraisal Look Like and What Information Should it Contain?

As the saying goes – location, location, location. When it comes to appraising a property, location matters.

When looking at the location, an agent will not only look at the street the property located in midland and the vicinity to local attractions, but we will also look at what school catchment the property is in, what amenities are nearby, and what public transport routes are accessible.

What other ‘Comparable’ properties are available in Kalamunda area:

When conducting a Rent Appraisal Kalamunda, we will look at the size of the overall block, the size of the structure on the land, as well as the size of the relevant areas within the home. For example, how large is the living area or main bedroom? Justine will weigh up these measurements against other properties in the area. It’s also crucial to understand the potential renters or target market.

The overall economic conditions and the housing market in Kalamunda:

The market generally dictate what your property is worth. Our Kalamunda market expert Justine Valender. will look at the recent rents in the area and overall market trends to get an idea of what price to present to you as a guide. However, while the market may indicate a lot when it comes to the rental price, it’s not the ‘be all and end ell’. A potential renter may walk through your front door and fall in love straight away.

A summary with indicated rent range from the Agent:

An appraisal is an educated judgment on what your home is worth by the Agent. Not only will the agent look at all of the comparable rents in the area, but they’ll provide a unique insight into the local market. They also provide a figure based on insight into the features of your property.

2/28 William Street, Kalamunda Leased @ $320pw rent

Rental Appraisals in Kalamunda

3 Pipers Place Kalamunda Leased @ $495pw rent appraisal leased

Rental Appraisals in Kalamunda

1/17 Boonooloo Road, Kalamunda, leased @ $ 440pw rent appraisal leased

Rental Appraisals in Kalamunda

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