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Urgent Repairs and Maintenance Issues: Save in case of Emergencies!

Posted by Justine Valender on 08/11/2023

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you might need help out of our usual business hours for urgent repairs and maintenance issues.

So, in case of emergencies, feel free to follow our guide.

Urgent Repairs and Maintenance Issues: Save In case of Emergencies!

The Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989Essential services are: 

Electricity, gas, sewerage and water (including the supply of hot water). A suitable repairer must be contacted, and arrangements for repairs that are necessary to supply or restore an essential service must be made within 24 hours*

Other urgent repairs (Non-Essential) are those that are not necessary for the supply or restoration of an essential service. Still, they may cause damage to the premises, injure a person or cause undue hardship or inconvenience to the tenant. Arrangements for these repairs must be made within 48 hours*

How do I report Maintenance?
Property Manager Maintenance

1. Scan QR Code which will take you directly to your Property Portal which is linked to your tenancy details. 

2. Report maintenance, take photos and provide lots of detail. 

3. Call the office 08-94542237

On set occasions we may be on the road and not behind our desks.  We ask if you can kindly report maintenance through the portal, as it streamlines the process and helps the team take quicker action between landlords and tradies.

Extra Information:


Please be advised that as per your tenancy lease agreement, it is your obligation to maintain gardens and lawns in a healthy condition including ample watering, whether it be via reticulation or by hand. Anything individually sprinkler related and ground level piping is Tenant responsibility. Below ground piping and solenoids are an owner’s responsibility.

Anything individually sprinkler related and ground level piping is Tenant responsibility. Below ground piping and solenoids are an owner’s responsibility.

The required water for gardens and lawns is far more cost effective and by far outweighs the replacement of new lawns or compensation to owners for poorly kept lawns and gardens.

Note: We recommend using a wetting agent such as Richgro’s ‘Ezi-Wet’ soil wetter. These extra steps really do make a big difference in maintaining your lawn!


On extremely hot days and nights, or in a rush to cool a room down, it can be easy to make the mistake of turning the air conditioner temperature down to below 20 degrees.

Split systems are designed to be at their most efficient and cost effective at 24 degrees. 22 degrees will cool quickly and provide ample comfort with a small compromise of cost efficiency.

DO NOT turn the temperature below 20 degrees, regardless of brand and model. Turning the system down below 20 degrees causes the outside motor and refrigerant to work overtime – particularly in humid hot weather and causes the pipework to freeze up. This triggers the unit to apply heat in order to try and defrost itself, which results in warm air being expelled through the internal vents to the living area and /or spits water/ice droplets out into the living area. If this occurs, the unit is not broken or impaired.

Note: Reminder to clean the filter on your refrigerated AC units.
Just as with plumbing and electrical callouts, if found to be Tenant use or error in operation, air conditioning invoices will be passed to the tenant.

Unfortunately, faulty air conditioners are not considered to be an urgent repair and are not required to be rectified within 48 hours. 

We receive a high volume of calls reporting problems with air conditioners during the warmer months. We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that while we are very sympathetic to the inconvenience caused not having a working air conditioner, we are working closely with owners/contractors and are doing the best we can to have all issues rectified as a matter of urgency.


In the event you have locked yourself out, you must call a locksmith at your own cost. Centurion Real Estate is only required to supply you with keys during ‘Normal Business Hours,’ Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm (not including public holidays). 


State Emergency Service – 132 500

Storms, flood, Fire etc.

Police (non-emergency) – 13 14 44

Triple Zero – 000

Police, Fire Services, Ambulance – Emergencies

Water Corporation – 13 13 85

Water Faults

Western Power – 13 10 87

ATCO Gas – (08) 6163 5400

Gas leaks or gas supply issues

Police (non-emergency) – 13 14 44

Triple Zero – 000

Police, Fire Services, Ambulance – Emergencies

*It does not mean the repair will be done on that time frame. The booking for the issue to be fixed is to follow the time frame of the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989.

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